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A.B. Stoddard: How The Donald can win


When it comes to the question of whether Donald Trump can win a general election this November, both parties need to accept it: Yes, he can.

Trump’s path — made up of new and mostly white voters without college degrees — is a narrow one, but President Obama’s two White House campaigns showed the candidate with the most new voters likely wins. 

Of course Trump will lose many establishment Republicans, movement conservatives, independents, women and minorities. 
But in 2012, with only 58 percent voter turnout, Mitt Romney lost to Obama by 333,908 votes in four states. Surely Trump, who inspires new and exceptionally enthusiastic voters, could invest the resources to target whiter states like New Hampshire, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio. 

Donald Trump says allies must start paying for ‘American protection’


Donald Trump wants US allies to ante up if they want to continue under the “cloak of American protection,” according to his first detailed comments on his foreign-policy platform.

“We’re not being reimbursed for the kind of tremendous service that we’re performing by protecting various countries,” the Republican front-runner was quoted as saying.

Trump Revolution Could Be More Incredible Than Reagan Revolution!


If Donald Trump becomes president, we may witness something more incredible than the Reagan Revolution.

The greatest modern-day president, Ronald Reagan, left an immensely powerful legacy. Almost three decades after his departure from the White House, he remains the conservative standard-bearer of the Republican Party.

Under his presidency, the United States witnessed a grand political realignment toward conservative foreign and domestic policies. Reagan’s leadership boosted morale, confidence, patriotism, America’s economy and ended communism.


Niagara County Republican leaders call Trump New York’s ‘favorite son,’ say he’ll ‘make America great again.’

264trumpNiagaraDonald Trump: "Thank you for your support, Niagara County Republican Party! Will see you soon!"

Niagara County GOP endorses Donald Trump!

Niagara County Republicans are throwing their support behind the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

GOP leaders announced Tuesday the local committee's endorsement, calling Trump New York's "favorite son" heading into the April 19 New York primary. 

Donald Trump Scores Another Primary Victory-Super Tuesday 3 Begins


Donald Trump continued his hot streak in the Republican presidential race by scoring, he scored nine more delegates from the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. protectorate in the South Pacific, as Super Tuesday 3 begins.

The islands give Donald Trump nine more pledged delegates in his quest to hit 1,237, which would seal the deal for the Republican presidential candidate.
The Northern Marianas Islands are located near the Mariana Trench, and as all Jeopardy! buffs know, this is the deepest known ocean spot in the world

National Geographic gives us an overview (because we might as well get some useful trivia out of this situation):

Located in the western Pacific east of the Philippines and an average of approximately 124 miles (200 kilometers) east

Super Tuesday: What’s behind the rise of Donald Trump?


The billionaire businessman is on course to becoming the Republican party's candidate for the US presidential election.

History shows the Republican candidate who wins most of the states on Super Tuesday wins the nomination.

And so Donald Trump is now on course to stand on the stage in Cleveland, Ohio, in the summer and follow in the footsteps of Nixon, Reagan, Bush (both of them), Dole and McCain.

His rise has been spectacular and surprising.

He wondered about running for president in 2000 for the Reform Party. But eventually he decided not to seek the nomination saying it was too splintered to mount a successful run at the White House.

Ivanka Trump-The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life (Foreword by Donald Trump)


IVANKA TRUMP is one of the most recognized and influential young business women today.
 As Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions of The Trump Organization, Ms. Trump is charged with the domestic and global expansion of the company’s real estate interests. Along with her father, Donald J. Trump and her siblings, Donald Jr. and Eric, Ms. Trump, who joined the organization in 2005, directs all areas of the company’s real estate and hotel management platforms. 
 Ms. Trump actively participates in all aspects of both Trump® and Trump branded projects, including deal evaluation, pre-development planning, financing, design, construction, sales and marketing, and ensuring that Trump’s world-renowned physical and operational standards are met. She is involved in all decisions—large and small—from the acquisition phase to determining the interior selections for residences and hotel suites. 

Donald Trump on N*H* victory in CBS This Morning

Donald Trump's Triump


Donald Trump is not happy about this front page that calls his fans ‘brain dead’

268trumpeopleThe morning after his massive victory in New Hampshire, Donald Trump aimed his bullhorn at the New York Daily News for its Wednesday cover christening Trump’s victory as “Dawn of the Brain Dead”.

“Clown comes back to life with N.H. win as mindless zombies turn out in droves,” the newspaper’s cover reads.

Today's front page: @realDonaldTrump rises from the dead, wins #GOP primary in N.H.
— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) February 10, 2016
On Fox News this morning, Trump called the Daily News a “totally failing paper” that is “going to be closing soon, I’m pretty sure.”

‘NY Daily News’ calls voters ‘mindless zombies’ over Donald Trump win!

267nytrumpThe Newspaper New York Daily News' monthslong attacks on Donald Trump as a clown intensified Tuesday night when the Republican presidential candidate won his party's New Hampshire primary.

The tabloid's Wednesday cover features an image of Trump as a clown with text declaring his win as representing the "dawn of the brain dead."

"Clown comes back to life with N.H. win as mindless zombies turn out in droves," the Daily News says in its subtitle, referring to voters in the Granite State.

    Tomorrow's front page:
    DAWN OF THE BRAIN DEAD – Trump comes back to life with N.H. win:
    — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) February 10, 2016