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Donald Trump:’In history of republican party, nobody ever got more votes!’

Sean Hannity with Donald Trump

trumpTowerFox News' Sean Hannity interviewed presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for the full hour of his show on Wednesday night.  It was not exactly a hard-hitting interview; Hannity has been strongly pro-Trump for quite some time now. Using Genius, I annotated it. You can too! Sign up for Genius and annotate alongside me! To see an annotation, click or tap the highlighted part of the transcript.
HANNITY: And welcome to the special edition of HANNITY tonight.

We're coming to you from Trump Tower.

Tonight, we'll be talking about Supreme Court justices, judicial philosophy, energy independence. We'll talk about building a wall and how do you defeat Hillary Clinton, among other things, as Donald Trump joins us for the entire hour.

The problem of income immobility has yet to penetrate the skulls of #NeverTrump.


Remember when conservatives used to talk about “Peak Trump”? He won Massachusetts but he wasn’t going any further. He won New York, but he had peaked. And then he won Indiana and his opponents dropped out. So I suppose we’re finally at Peak Trump.

The #NeverTrump crowd is still in shock. Sharp objects should be taken from them, Valium prescribed. But they should have seen it coming. Or would have done so had they paid more attention.

What they missed was that politics is about people. They had thought it was a kind of geometry. Start with the right axioms and a bright 12 year-old can work out the theorems. That was Mitt Romney’s 59-point plan. It had absolutely every conservative principle in it. I mean, I didn’t hear anyone saying he had left something out, that there should have been sixty points.