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Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Second Presidential Debate – Washington University 10/9/2016

Mark Levin(NYT BestSelling Author/Radio Host):”Trump nailed the debate – calm, focused, and substantive. Trump won. Hillary lost!”


Donald Trump’s Top 5 Moments from the Presidential Debate
Donald Trump was the undeniable winner from tonight’s presidential debate. Crooked Hillary was on the run and playing defense the entire time.

At every turn, Hillary Clinton evaded the truth and mislead the American people about her failed record. She had no answers when confronted with her long history of corruption and secrecy.

Every Time the Moderators Interrupted Donald Trump


Here’s Video of Every Time the Moderators Interrupted Donald Trump
It wasn’t just Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton on stage. It looks like Hillary Clinton had two other people on her team: the moderators.

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz were more focused on ensuring enough Hillary Clinton speaking time rather than debate between our nation’s two presidential nominees.