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Donald Trump wins North Carolina


Donald Trump wins Florida


Donald Trump wins Utah


Donald Trump wins Georgia


It’s TIME, To Support GENIUS


Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire, real estate mogul, television superstar, and front-runner for the 2016 presidential candidacy.

If you watch the news or late night TV, you’ll hear that he’s a maniac and a monster. An angry buffoon who is worse than Hitler. Some pundits and journalists even encourage their audiences not to look into Trump, otherwise they might get triggered by his offensive attitude.

Mike Pence-“TRUMP-PENCE: The Ticket: Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the 2016 Election”

trump-penceIndiana Governor Mike Pence isa a social cinservative with congressional experience but also a history of generating controversy over policies. He went to washington as an outsider, learning first hand about the “Beltway Culture” that has stained American politics for so many years. He later returned to Indiana and has been governor since 2013. He was named Republican nominee Donald J. Trump’s vice presidental running mate in July 2016.
Pence’s office champions his record of tax cuts, especially for businesses, as well as his work to push for smaller government. Late last year he ordered state agencies to suspend funding for groups that help agencies to suspend funding for groups that help refugees in Indiana, saying the measure would be in place until he got assurances that proper security procedures were in place. He was one of several state leaders who at that time tired to deter the settlement of Syrian refugees following terror attacks in paris. A federal judge struck down the order in March. He was also widely condemned by gay rights groups in 2015 for a state law they said would allow business to use their  religious beliefs against homosexuality to deny services to gays.
But beyond his conservative record with a focus on smaller budgets and support for the military, Pence  served six terms in

Vice Presidential Debate: Tim Kaine vs Mike Pence

Michael Moore:”Corporate America hates Trump,The Wall Street hates Trump, The Career Politicans hate Trump, The Media hates Trump!”



Army of hidden Donald Trump supporters are going to materialize on Election Day


Every cycle there’s some talk about groups that pollsters are supposedly missing, and this year that talk has centered on the so-called “hidden” Trump vote – people who might never vote, who supposedly don’t show up in polls, but could suddenly come out now for Donald Trump. 

We showed in the primaries and again this fall that Trump supporters are hardly too shy to talk about their chosen candidate to either their friends or to pollsters. Now, using some early vote data and L2 votermapping, we can look at the early vote for clues, too.

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in the latest Washington Post/ABC poll.