2015 was best year for Donald Trump and for us(Silent Majority and as Mr. Donald said, We Are No Longer Silent!!!)

237-2Happy New Year!!! Now we are in 2016 and before start another hard-working and victorious year, Let's review Mr. Donald's marches at 2015.

  In June Mr. Donald announced, that he is running for president! At this time Donald's Net worth from $ 4 Billion got $10 Billion. Other presidental candidates saw, that Donald was the most strong rival of them and They were abusing Trump. Famous companies like Macy's, 5 Rabbits, Nascars, NBC… went against Donald. But non-one had enough power to stopped his actions, beacause Donald see problems as new challanges. If you want to know how works Trump's winning formula, read his book: 'Never Give Up' subtitle is 'How I Turn My Biggest Challenges Into Success'.
Donald Trump took over every polls and he is still number 1. Donald Trump is also #1 in social networks.

Carly Fiorina's official facebook page has 537, 703 Likes

Ted Cruz's Facebook official Facebook page has 1, 749, 863 Likes

Bernie Sanders official Facebook page has 2, 282, 509 Likes

Hillary Clinton's official Facebook page has 2, 126, 559 Likes

Dr. Ben Carson's official Facebook page has 5, 023, 441 Likes

2015 was great year for me, because I read Donald's 4 great book: "Why We Want You To Be Rich: Two Men, One Message(co-authored Robert Kiyosaki)", "Think Like A Champion", "Never Give Up:How I Turn My Biggest Challenges Into Success" and "How To Get Rich". This books inspire me to take action and created Donald Trump supportive web-site: https://45thuspresident.us/. Me and My Dad who helped me built this blog, are happy when we see so many visitors every day. For avoid traffic we bought strong server VPS for our great users.
Thank you everyone who share our Web-site their social networks. I hope, that this web-page get second home for many users.


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