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Donald Trump’s book ‘Crippled America’ is #5 on The New-York Times Best-Seller List!


“Crippled America," Donald Trump’s diagnosis of the nation’s woes, is the undisputed bestseller this year among books penned by presidential candidates. Consumers have bought more than 36,000 copies of the hardcover title so far in 2016, according to Nielsen, with total sales of 199,000 since the book went on sale last year. Overall, Trump has sold 240,000 copies of four books published or republished since last year.

Nielsen, which captures about 85% of all book sales, periodically releases figures for the presidential candidates, and the story this year seems to be much the same as in 2015. Republican Ben Carson, who has withdrawn from the race, is the top-selling candidate-author, with sales of at least 1.7 million on five different titles, according to Nielsen. But Carson couldn’t translate his literary popularity into votes.

Trump doesn’t have that problem, with his blunt assessment of a broken country resonating far and wide. Trump’s celebrity obviously helps with book sales, as does the entertainment factor inherent in the entire Trump spectacle. Trump's books blend populist political views with insights from the business world and the implied promise that readers can get rich like

Hillary Clinton’s new book is a flop


Stronger Together, co-authored with her running mate Tim Kaine, shifted fewer than 3,000 copies in its first week of release – Ms Clinton's last book sold 85,000
Hillary Clinton’s latest book looks like a flop, at least compared to her previous publishing endeavours. The Democratic nominee’s new tome, Stronger Together, written with her running mate Tim Kaine and published on 6 September, has sold less than 3,000 copies in its first week on sale, according to Nielsen BookScan.

45thuspresident TV-Final Presidential Debate

Journalists’ Conspiracy


Mark R. Levin(Lawyer,NYT BestSeller Author,Radio Host):”Defeating Hillary Clinton, for family and country!”

304trumplevinMark Reed Levin born September 21, 1957) is an American lawyer, author, and the host of American syndicated radio show The Mark Levin Show. Levin worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan and was a chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese. He is president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, has authored six books("Men In Black", "Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish","Liberty and Tyranny, Ameritopia", "The Liberty Amendments", "Plunder and Deceit"), and contributes commentary to various media outlets such as National Review Online. On September 1, 2015, Levin was named Editor-in-Chief of Conservative Review.

Mr. Mark shared The Wall Street Journal article via his twitter:

"Donald Trump had two jobs at Wednesday night’s debate. Voters can thank him for getting at least one of them done.

Among the biggest tasks for any presidential candidate is painting a picture of what life will be like under his opponent. But Mr. Trump has been so overwhelmingly the focus of this race (what will he do next?) that

Who won the third presidential debate on social media?

trumpwintwitterWednesday night marked the end of the presidential debate season, but there were probably enough verbal jabs that will live in the memory of voters until Nov. 8 when American voters cast their ballots to elect the 45th president of the United States.
As was the case in the last two debates, GOP nominee Donald Trump generated the most activity on Twitter — @realDonaldTrump was the focus of 59 percent of #debate conversation compared to @HillaryClinton’s 41 percent. He also beat out Clinton for the top retweet of the debate, and it wasn’t even a tweet that originated during the debate, during the day Wednesday, or even during the year 2016. 

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Second Presidential Debate – Washington University 10/9/2016

Mark Levin(NYT BestSelling Author/Radio Host):”Trump nailed the debate – calm, focused, and substantive. Trump won. Hillary lost!”


Donald Trump’s Top 5 Moments from the Presidential Debate
Donald Trump was the undeniable winner from tonight’s presidential debate. Crooked Hillary was on the run and playing defense the entire time.

At every turn, Hillary Clinton evaded the truth and mislead the American people about her failed record. She had no answers when confronted with her long history of corruption and secrecy.

Every Time the Moderators Interrupted Donald Trump


Here’s Video of Every Time the Moderators Interrupted Donald Trump
It wasn’t just Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton on stage. It looks like Hillary Clinton had two other people on her team: the moderators.

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz were more focused on ensuring enough Hillary Clinton speaking time rather than debate between our nation’s two presidential nominees.

Donald Trump:”Thank you Senator Ted Cruz!”

trumpcruzTed Cruz:"Tonight, a clear contrast was drawn between the two nominees. Tonight, Hillary Clinton made it clearer than ever that if elected President, our future will continue on the same path that is hurting millions of Americans.
If Clinton is elected, we know that the havoc Obamacare is wreaking on American families, on small businesses, and on our healthcare system will continue. We know that President Obama’s relentless efforts to crush the oil and gas industry and to wage war on coal will continue. We know that the Obama administration’s willful blindness to radical Islamic terrorism and the influx of unvetted refugees from nations infiltrated by terrorists will continue. We know that President Obama’s lawless executive amnesty will continue and even expand.