Donald Trump:’We are led by very stupid people!’

trumpcruzDonald Trump expressed bullish opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal during a rally in Washington DC, saying it was ‘incompetently negotiated’ by a group of ‘very stupid leaders’. The rally was originally organised by his Republican rival Ted Cruz, who made the unconventional move to invite Trump along. Trump did not disappoint, promising the crowd a successful government that wins so much ‘you may get bored with winning’

“It’s worth remembering that if this deal goes through we know to an absolute certainty that people will die,” Cruz said.

Trump, who took the stage to REM's "It's the End of the World as We Know It," said that he has "been doing deals for a long time" but has never seen one like the Iran accord.


Cruz took to the Senate floor Wednesday morning before the rally to rail against the deal.

"This terrible deal will not stop a virulently anti-American and anti-Israeli regime from getting a nuclear bomb," he said.

In a speech last week, Cruz likened the deal to the movie "Scarface," equating a provision that would let Iran monitor its facilities to allowing the movie's main character, drug dealer Tony Montana, to investigate his empire.

"Have any of y'all seen the movie 'Scarface?'" Cruz asked, according to CNN. "This is the equivalent of law enforcement picking up the phone and calling Tony Montana and saying, 'Hey Tony, you got any drugs?' 'I don't got no drugs.' 'Thank you, Tony.' That is essentially the Iranian nuclear inspection regime."

Louis Morris, 71, of Silver Spring, said he knows that Democrats have enough votes, but he wanted to send a message that people are against the deal – and possibly change some minds.



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