Donald Trump:’Cruz is spending $millions on ads paid for by his N.Y. bosses.’

243Donald Trump: 'I am self-funding my campaign – putting up my own money, not controlled.  Cruz is spending $millions on ads paid for by his N.Y. bosses.
Just a reminder that Ted Cruz supported liberal Justice John Roberts who gave us #Obamacare.

I don't think Ted Cruz can even run for President until he can assure Republican voters that being born in Canada is not a problem. Doubt!
Wow, new polls just out have Trump up and Cruz down – he is a nervous wreck!
In the just released SC poll I increased my lead by 4 points since last poll by same firm. Up by 14! Cruz dropped 3. 
Wow, the highly respected Governor of Iowa just stated that "Ted Cruz must be defeated." Big shoker! People do not like Ted.



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