Steve Forbs:’Donald Trump will take votes from Democrats!’

266forbsFounder of Forbes, Inc. and  publishing magnate Steve Forbes weighed in on the Republican presidential race Saturday and said that Trump would do well with unions, even if union leaders pull for a Democratic candidate.

He also said a big part of Trump's appeal is his attitude in speeches.

"Trump, even as he criticizes and throws out charges and all that kind of thing, he always ends up on an upbeat note about the USA," Forbes said.

"People want that, people want to hear that. They're tired of all this gloom and doom, and 'the U.S. is going in a trash heap.'"

When asked for his opinion on the rest of the GOP field, the Forbes Magazine founder added that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz should seek to imitate Trump's rhetoric.

"Well Ted Cruz has got to get a, I think, more upbeat note. He's got some good ideas on gold, he's got some good ideas on taxes, but he's got to be a little more Reagan-esque in his speeches," he said.

"Rubio is trying to do that, he's getting better at it. I just wish he'd make his tax plan better, he's got the worst tax plan out there," Forbes added. "Better than what we have now, but not up to par with the other Republican candidates."

source: The Hill

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