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Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire, real estate mogul, television superstar, and front-runner for the 2016 presidential candidacy.

If you watch the news or late night TV, you’ll hear that he’s a maniac and a monster. An angry buffoon who is worse than Hitler. Some pundits and journalists even encourage their audiences not to look into Trump, otherwise they might get triggered by his offensive attitude.

thinkbig10trumpthinkbig(The Media Has Been Lying About Trump For Years)





This book lets you get inside Trump’s mind and see exactly how he operates. Although Think Big And Kick Ass clocks in at roughly 300 pages, and every paragraph contains useful insights, here are three of the most important skills you can master:

1. How To Think Like A Winner








As a young man, Donald Trump dreamed of making New York City great again. At the time, downtown Manhattan was a cesspool. Gangs of junkies roamed the streets and Times Square housed nothing but seedy porn theaters.


America’s flagship city was a filthy and disgusting embarrassment. All the experts and politicians assumed New York was finished. Destined to remain a rundown dump. But Trump believed he could restore Manhattan to its former glory.

Trump came to the city with no money and no connections. His company, the “Trump Organization,” consisted solely of him. Its main (and only) office: his tiny one bedroom apartment.

With nothing but a dream and raw enthusiasm, Trump set out rebuild New York. In less than two years Trump did the impossible. He gained control of a 62 million dollar property, and he did so with no money down.

Trump was so sure of his vision that no one even bothered to question him. Bankers and backers didn’t see twenty-some year old kid, they saw a man on a mission.

Most men have horribly poor mindsets. They are terrified of taking risks. Some even get overwhelmed by simple things like learning a new skill or talking to strangers. They have low self-esteem and can never see themselves as being successful.

While you should never be naively optimistic (more on that in a minute) you should value yourself. Being a crybaby or never stepping outside your comfort zone is no way to live. Instead of worrying about minor details or focusing on the negative, create a grand vision for yourself.

As Trump says: “If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”

2. How To Get Rich By Giving


Most people fail because they are greedy. They try to game the system, con their clients, or cut corners. Additionally, the vast majority of people wrongly assume that you need to scam people in order to sell a product of make money.

While it may sound a little silly, or like classic self-help fluff, the money is in helping others. People are selfish creatures. Nobody is going to buy something if it doesn’t benefit them in some way.

Contrary to what news programs say, Trump’s money came from finding ways to help others.

In 1980 the City Of New York tried to restore the historic Wollman Rink, After six years of struggling to complete the project they were ready to give up. That’s when Trump stepped in.

Within three months Trump had the Wollman Rink finished. And he did it all without ever charging the city a dime.

thinkbig6(Wollman Rink)

Projects like this, allowed Trump to build up a lot of favors and a lot of good-will among New Yorkers. Whenever times were tough and other businesses were going under, Trump would survive. Even bankers and investors who hated him would usually cut Trump some slack once they realized that he was a good guy.

Business is a long-term game. If you aren’t willing to give back then you’re going to fail.

3. How To Defend Yourself Against Anyone


Reality is brutal. At some point someone will try to screw you over. They’ll threaten to file a frivolous lawsuit, buy fake negative reviews for a product you create, or jut make up slanderous nonsense about you.

In fact, all three of those have happened to me.

When these things happen you have two choices. You can let your attacker walk all over you, or you can hit them back even harder.

A few months ago I was threatened with a bogus lawsuit from a failed actor turned “Alpha Playboy.” At the time I’d just finished reading Donald Trumps The Art Of The Deal (another great book, but I like Think Big And Kick Ass more).

I decided to do what Trump would do and hit back even harder. I invited the guy to sue me, promising to issue discovery on him and have my lawyer go through all of his phone records (to find anything illegal and have this “Alpha Playboy” thrown in prison).

As soon as the guy realized I’d hit him back, and have him carted off to the crowbar hotel, he folded. Reading a five dollar paperback and applying what I learned saved me ten thousand bucks.

On top of the world being full of jerks, social media has created new dangers like hate mobs and public shaming.

Many of America’s most powerful and elite figures of collapsed at the first sign of trouble. Filmmaker Joss Whedon, businessman Mark Cuban, actor Jonah Hill, and scientist Matt Taylor are just a few of the men who folded.

Trump, on the other hand, never backs down. The man has faced an onslaught for years, being parodied in movies and mocked on virtually every late night television show. Yet he’s still standing and still swinging back.

To quote Winston Churchill: “Your options are dishonor or war. If you chose dishonor, you might still get war.”

Take some time and learn to defend yourself.


Say what you will about Trump and his politics, but the man knows how to be successful. He’s made a fortune in business, headed popular reality TV shows, written several best-selling books, and is leading the race for the U.S. Presidency.

Trump gets more done in a year than most people can accomplish in a lifetime.

If you have any interest in business, goal setting, or protecting yourself from hate mobs and the media, you’ll love Think Big And Kick Ass.







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