Donald Trump: “I was against the war in Iraq from the start!”

trumpiraqDonald Trump on Monday said he is leaning towards a running mate with political rather than military experience as he narrows down his list of choices.

“I have five people, including the general,” he said, referencing Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, according to The Washington Post. "I do like the military but I do very much like the political. In my mind I have someone that would really be good.”

“I have such great respect for the general but believe it or not, that will be one of my strong suits,” he said of Flynn. "I was against the war in Iraq from the start.”

Trump added that “great chemistry with me” and someone “who can help you win” will be factors in his final decision. A running mate with political experience, he added, would help unify the GOP ahead of next week's Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
“I don’t need two anti-establishment people. Someone respected by the establishment and liked by the establishment would be good for unification. I do like unification of the Republican Party.”

Trump brushed off talk that the "Never Trump" movement could deny him the Republican nomination in Cleveland next week.

“Not even a little bit,” he said when asked if he was worried about not getting formally nominated.

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