‘Think Big and Kick Ass’ book files

241 Mark Cuban  Business Leader, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur Born in Pittsburgh in July 31 entrepreneur Mark Cuban has ventured into many diverse businesses. He made his fortune through the sale of startups MicroSolutions and Broadcast.com in the 1990s, and later became known as the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. Cuban has also invested in film production, and has appeared on such TV series as Dancing with the Stars and Shark Tank.
  Mark Cuban praised on Donald Trump, saying the real estate mogul was the "best thing to happen to politics in a long long time." He even said that he'd consider serving as Trump's running mate. Trump, for his part, responded graciously on Twitter<Thank you @mcuban[Mark Cuban] for your nice words. I am rapidly becoming a @dallasmavs[Dallas Maverics] fan!>, thanking Cuban for his nice words.

TV Show 'The Benefactor' starring Mark Cuban, faild<ABC canceled "The Benefactor" in 2004> because Mark 'has absolutely zero television persona or personality… I have always said that Mark Cuban is a loser<The Dallas Mavericks, the NBA franchise owned by Cuban, falling to beat the Miami Heat in the 2006 NBA Finals.> — time will prove me right…I have much more fun belittling people like Mark Cuban.'



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