Donald Trump’s TAX Plan from ‘Time To Get Tough’ book!

272taxI am reading Donald Trump's blockbuster book 'Time To Get Tough: Make America #1 Again'. In this book Donald describe his tax plan.

Donald Trump:'We need to do is lower the U.S. corporate tax rate from 39 percent to zero. America's corporate tax rate is the second highest on the planet. The international average is 26 percent. How can we expect companies to hire American workers and locate their business in America when our government taxes them at exorbitant rates for doing so? That's crazy. I want to encourage American companies to stay here and hire American workers, and I want foreign companies to relocate their businesses to the United States and create jobs here. We are the greatest country on planet earth-the world's companies want to be here. A zero percent corporate tax would create an unprecedent jobs boom. Millions of jobs would materialize.

The problem is that we have a president who is more concerned with pursuing some sort of bizarre ideological mission that flies in the face of America's free-market tradition. Look we don't have time to play games. Our people are hurting badly. Here's my message to Obama: America is a capitalist country. Get over it and get on with it! Unleash job creators and we will put Americans back to work in big numbers. Cut the corporate tax and create millions of new jobs while stimulating our limping economy

It's time to get tough on those who outsource jobs overseas and reward companies who stay loyal to America. If an American company outsources its work, they get hit with a 20 percent tax. For those companies who made the mistake of sending their businesses overseas but have seen light and are ready to come home and bring jobs with them, they pay zero tax. Bottom line: hire American workers and you win. Send jobs overseas, and you may be fine, but you will pay a tax. Also, I want foreign countries to finally start forking over cash in order to have access to our markets. So here's the deal: any foreign country shipping goods into the United States pays a 20 percent tax. If they want a piece of the American market, they're going to pay for it. No more free admission into the biggest show in town-and that especially includes China.

273tax The final part of my tax plan involves reforming the income tax. The government confiscates way too much of your paycheck. The tax code is also a very, very complicated system that forces Americans to wast 6.1 billion hours a year trying to figure it out. Americans also waste billions hiring accountants to try and make sense out of the tax code. You can hire 100 accountants to do your taxes and they'll all come up with different numbers. What does that tell you? It tells me that it's time we restore simplicity and sanity to the income tax. Here's my income tax plan:

Up to $30,000, you pay 1 percent

From $30,000 to $ 100,000, you pay 5 percent

From $100,000 to $1 million, you pay 10 percent

On $1 million or above you pay 15 percent

It's clear and fair. Best of all, it can be filled out on the back of a postcard and will save Americans big bucks on accountants and massive amounts of time wasted attempting to decipher the tax code.

  Our country is hungry for real tax reform. That's why we should implement the 1-5-10-15 income tax plan. Let Chite, OPEC, and others pay the tax, not us. It's about time… and they have all the money'



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