Donald Trump loves sport

trumptennis2Tennis Grand Slam tournaments are held four times a year: the Australian Open championship, the French Open Championships, Wimbledon and the US Open Championship.

In 8.09.2015 US Open Cup, Williams sisters – Serena and Venus met each other in Arthur Ashe Stadium. The competition was attended by Donald Trump.

Tennis can be stored in an obscure man could force a tennis match. Moreover, the game took place last night.

Venus is #23 racket and Serena is first racket in the world of tennis. if Serena wins tournament, she will win big Helmet, becouse She won the Australian Open championship, the French Open Championships and the French Open Championships in this year. 

Donald Trump loves sport. That's mean he likes action. He was great sport palyer in his school days and was team leader. He is still leader, but now he is business tycoon and great president candidate in history of U.S.A. Great Donald is new version of Napoleon Bonaparte. He is great strategiest and his tactics are always amazing.


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